Unraveling the Chain

When chronic pain evades a clear diagnosis, where do you begin?

By Suparna K. Damany, MSPT, CHT, CEAS as seen on Advance Healthcare Network

Therapists and rehab clinicians are well aware of the prevalence of chronic musculoskeletal pain, but often remain confused over a true diagnosis and treatment plan. Clinicians can even become fearful and frustrated when facing these baffling cases.

Nevertheless, patients with pain originating from the musculoskeletal system constitute the largest group of patients receiving physical therapy care. Today’s faster-paced but sedentary lifestyles, combined with stress and poor fitness and diet, contribute to the high incidence of these conditions.

The enigma surrounding chronic musculoskeletal pain arises from a lack of clear tests, definitions and diagnoses. Even after the disorder has progressed, causative factors can continue to elude identification and frustrate the treatment team. Unlocking the mystery of these syndromes begins by identifying the interweaving factors that contribute to pain, and outlining a logical method of treatment.

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