Program and Philosophy

For the last 17 years, I have specialized in the treatment of chronic injuries and pain. As puzzling as chronic pain may seem, it is actually quite a logical response of the human body to stressors. Addressing all the pieces of the chronic pain puzzle leads to an unravelling of that very logical response and allows the body to be trained to a new “normal”, with not only a resolution of the pain, but also a restoration of function.

Any person suffering from chronic pain knows that it is very frustrating to deal with the symptoms as well as the compromise on life associated with it. However, even more frustrating is the inability to understand the process of chronic pain and the dearth of help available for it. The solution offered by the typical pain management system is drugs which can be a helpful but is incomplete and can often involve side effects. The rehabilitation system, albeit helpful, is boxed-in by protocols, volume-based care (resulting in lack of individualization) and concentrated (as opposed to holistic) approaches. Alternative treatments may have their place in dealing with chronic pain, but the fact is that none of the above approaches addresses chronic pain for the complex (but not complicated!) disorder that it is. Several of my patients have been to 20+ practitioners without any long-lasting relief. The Online Ache Solutions Program consists of the development of an individualized program, with consideration of specific anatomical and physiological factors, which addresses all the components contributing to the syndrome. The idea is to treat the cause, not the effects.

This program has been piloted over the past several years. It started off as a corporate program and then gradually extended to individuals who contacted me for guidance from across the world. The desperation of people approaching me for some help…any help…and the incredible success of the program has compelled me to make this available to all sufferers, in the form of Online Ache Solutions.

An increasingly sedentary lifestyle combined with a dependency on technology, the fast pace of life, and increased levels of stress have resulted in an almost epidemic spread of musculoskeletal issues. We need to become responsible for our own health and pass that message to the next generation, so they can learn to prevent injuries. Online Ache Solutions is my contribution towards a healthier and happier society.

Let me help you regain and maintain a pain-free and active lifestyle.